A member of The George Washington University class of 2015 studying Political Communication in the School of Media and Public Affairs, John is humbled to represent the party that advocates for the common good at the school that boasts the largest College Democrats chapter in the country.

He has volunteered on various Democratic campaigns, but will always remember his first, Blumenthal for Senate, in 2010. As much as he loves to see his state colored in blue there may have been a red splotch somewhere on his last ballot. He is a loyal CNN junkie and also enjoys some Nightly News with Brian WilliamsJohn also can also often be found staring at his phone with deep concentration scanning political news feeds.

A former cross country athlete for the Colonials, John is an avid GW sports fan who enjoys raising high with his fellow Colonials. He is a proud member of WRGW District radio, GW Club Cross Country which he now runs for in retirement, and the GW College Democrats. When not at work or in class, John enjoys sipping coffee, talking politics, and exploring the DC area on runs.


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